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Bushido Karate School offers high quality karate lessons for juniors and adults in the Oulu region.

Start Karate NOW!

New international beginners’ karate courses for juniors and adults will start in January and September.

Info and enrolment: info(at) / tel. 040 744 7094

  • Juniors’ (7-14 year-olds) course will start in January and in September
  • Adults’ course is open for applications non-stop.
  • KIDS course for  4-6 year-olds with a parent is open for applications non-stop.

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  • info(at)
  • 040 744 7094


KIDS course for 4-6 year-olds with a parent

  • This course is open for applications.
  • This course is also for the those who have already started in the KIDS group.
  • Lessons once a week on Fridays 17.00 – 18.00 @ Kuivasrannan päiväkoti.
  • Feel free to start this course at any time during the season.
  • Course fee: 80€ / pair (2019)
  • For more info call Johanna at 040 832 3181
  • Email: info(ät)

Karate – Beginners’ course for 7-14 year-old Juniors


  • This course is fully booked.
  • Two groups: 7-10 year-olds and 10-14 year-olds
  • Kick off: January / September
  • You can start the course within three weeks from the kick off.
  • Please accept the first couple of lessons free of charge to try us out
  • Teaching in Finnish and English
  • 3 training sessions per week, from which you can choose the most suitable. We recommend beginners attending to two sessions per week.
  • Training times / places:

7-10 year and 10-14 year olds:

Monday Pateniemen alakoulu 16.30-17.45
Tuesday Oulunsalo-talo 17.45-19.15
Thursday Paeniemen alakoulu 17.00-18.30
Saturday Kuivasrannan päiväkoti 12.30-14.00
  • Locations:
    • Kuivasrannan päiväkoti, Kuivasrannantie 6, 90540 Oulu
    • Pateniemen koulu, Risuniitytie 7, 90800 Oulu
    • Rajakylän alakoulu, Ruiskukkatie 4-6, 90580
    • Oulunsalo-talo
  • During the course we will organize a karate camp and other events. In addition to karate there will be self defense and various sorts of games and fun.
  • At the end of the course there will be a belt test. After the test juniors continue training in the advanced groups.
  • The course fee is 80€ including a karate pass and the first graduation fee.
  • You may wish to acquire an optional karate suit (approx. 35€).
  • Info and enrolment: info(ät) / tel. Tony 040 744 7094

Karate – Beginners’ course for Adults/Seniors

  • This course is open for applications.
  • Adults/seniors course is for new students of 15 years of age and older
  • Training times HERE

  • Lessons in English and Finnish
  • Belt tests are held annually in May and December.
  • After you graduate to a yellow belt, training continues in the advanced classes.
  • Please accept the first couple of sessions free of charge to try us out
  • Training places and times: see Training Times
  • Course fee is 80 € / 40 € (Students with Oulu’s Institutes of Higher Education Sport Pass)
  • Info and enrollment: info(at) / tel. Janne 045 677 0948


  • Training outfit to start with: sweatpants and a t-shirt
  • Optional Karate suits will be available within the first month of the course. Price: 25-45€.

Sign up now!

  • info(at)
  • 040 744 7094


Karate / Juniors’ (7-14 yrs.) advanced courses

More info on Juniors’ page (only in Finnish).

Karate / Adults’ (15 and older)  advanced course

We practise JKA type of Shotokan karate and give several advanced karate lessons per week. Check out our training schedule from below.

Welcome all new and old students!

Training Schedule


Additional info:

  • info(at)
  • 040 744 7094

Bushido Karate School!

Bushido Karate School Oulu offers high quality, affordable, safe and sustainable karate lessons for both adults and juniors, emphasising the physical exercise, discipline, respect for tradition, self-defence and the mental side of karate. School is also active internationally in terms of teacher and student exchange and international camps. Thus, Bushido Karate School offers students both physical and mental strength for the future challenges in life.


Why karate?

Karate is fun! It combines joyful movement, playfulness and getting to know versatile and technically demanding martial art. Discipline which characterizes the art of karate and physical exercise enhances students’ concentration and helps manage in school and work. In our courses you’ll have a chance to meet other karate enthusiasts from all around the globe.